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Arts in Action has a heart and passion that all individuals have the opportunity to study the arts regardless of race, religion, or economic status. That is why they offer a unique and exceptional arts program for children and adults with special needs. The SuperStars program offers dance, art, and music classes to ages 6 to adult. This unique Superstars program is designed to facilitate arts education for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as those with physical limitations. The program is able foster social interaction and assist with fine and gross motor skills.

Superstars is a place where a person’s individual ability rather than their disability will be the focus. Opportunities are created for each SuperStar to excel according to their personal skills.  SuperStars classes are a place where it will not only be ok to be yourself but where it will be celebrated. By featuring and focusing on each individual’s strengths, the program allows each Superstar participant to gain confidence and shine based on their unique gifts and talents.

View our weekly Superstars classes here

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